Sunday, April 26, 2009


I learned about these from my friend and neighbor Kindergarten teacher, Kathryn, and they are awesome! This is the best recipe I've found for them. (Oh, and if you have a friend who can't eat wheat, these will totally work!) (Yes, this is what they really look like Mist! Mine do look like that...when I am not braindead...)

1 1/2 c. creamy peanut butter
1 c. sugar
1 c. light corn syrup
6 c. toasted rice cereal
1 2/3 c. butterscotch chips
1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

Spray/grease 13 x 9 inch baking pan. In medium saucepan, mix peanut butter, sugar, and corn syrup. Cook over medium-high, stirring until melted. Remove from heat and add to cereal. Stir until coated and press into pan. Melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips together and spread over cereal. Refrigerate until chocolate is set. Cut into bars. Makes 30 bars.

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  1. These are so yummy - I even bought butterscotch chips so I can make them!