Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Pie Carmel Apples

If you have not been to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Gateway...It's a must! Here's my attempt to copy their FABULOUS apples!

I used gala apples. Kraft carmels, melted. (I may try homeade next time) White chocolate chips melted. Brown sugar with a couple Tbs. white sugar and generous amount of cinnamon. ( I didn't measure, just dumped) Wash and dry apples put sticks in stem end. The carmel package said to add 2 tbs water, i did. Dip apples in carmel, put on greased plate or pan and refrigerate. Just till cool. Then dip in melted chocolate----don't add water to chocolate! Cover with sugar/cinnamon mixture. Enjoy. I like them better cold, but it doesn't matter!


  1. Where's mine? I thought we had a deal....! They look AWESOME.

  2. Have you tried Peter's Caramel? It's a bit of a splurge, but SSSOOOOO worth it!!